Monday, August 9, 2010

Four Days Later

OK, so it's four days later and I haven't dropped from junk food withdrawals. I did have a stinker headache yesterday but I am unsure if that was bought on by withdrawals/detox or the fact that I spent the afternoon sniffing bleach whilst doing house cleaning.

One thing has come to light over the last four days... whilst I may know a bit about healthy eating, after entering a typical days food into Calorie King I now also know that I have a lot of bad habits to change! Skipping breakfast, little to no exercise, huge lunch, 3pm sugar fix, huge dinner and sometimes dessert to top it off.... yikes and triple yikes.

On the bright side I have also used Calorie King to plan my weekly meal plan. When you start comparing a punnet of strawberries to the daily chocolate dose and you can suddenly see which is the better option ( uh, like fruit vs chocolate wasn't an easy thing anyway. But sometimes you need to see the numbers to accept that common fact!)

Speaking of strawberries, that's what I've got for my morning snack today. However, I have to wait until the sales meeting finishes, someone else can man the phones and I can duck off to wash the buggers before consuming them. (the strawberries, not my co-workers)

I'm also wondering.... is four days too quick to notice any difference in weight? I swear this morning when I put my wedding band on it was easier to do so. Usually I have to squish it on and then it's tight as all hell. This morning required no squishing.
It may have been my imagination, but it put me in a great mood for the morning. And anything that puts me in a good mood, is just fine by me. You've got to love a dose of the warm fuzzies!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This morning I was at the local cafe, waiting for my coffee to be brewed and idly flicking through The Australian Womens Weekly and half reading the "omigod we've got a female ginger Prime Minister. Rock the Girl Power! Whoo Yeah!" article. (Whoo yeahs may have been optional...)

The chair I was sitting in was a ... snug... fit for my behind. But I got into it, so I'll be fine. It seemed sturdy and wasn't giving out any alarming creaks or groans.

My coffee and bacon & egg roll was delivered to me and I went to stand, coffee in one hand, food in the other.

And the chair came with me.

The chair was stuck. On my arse.

I froze. What do I do? Naturally I can't walk off with the lovely cafe owners chair glued to my butt. I made a slight movement to put down my coffee so I could remove the chair when gravity helped out and the chair slid off my backside and hit the floor with a clunk that could be heard over cafe chatter and the coffee machine.

All eyes were on me. I walked from the cafe, my eyes down and my face burning red from embarrassment.

My Name is Jane D'oh and I say... the Fat Must Go!

This is my wild ride.. I'm going from Couch Potato to Fat Burning Machine. And you're all comin' with me.